Dell’s Windows VR Headset

There are some big PC manufactures who are busy developing their Windows VR headset. Dell will be the first to release their Windows Holographic Headset. Also Dell, a Texas based company has also revealed they will be designing their standalone wireless VR headset.

At CES 2017, Mr Quinn had mentioned that Dell is currently doing a lot of internal work on their ready VR PC hardware. While he announced some new products for Dell and Alienware, Mr Quinn had also expressed his confidence regarding the main stay feature of Windows VR, inside-out tracking.

Dell’s Windows VR Headset has been created following Microsoft blueprints and HoloLens reference specifications.

I think the implementation and innovation of how it’s done will be unique and different for Dell.” said Mr Quinn.

When asked whether Dell will be creating their standalone VR headset in the future, Mr Quinn had confirmed the statement. Mr Quinn revealed that the Dell future will be represented with a VR wireless device.

As Dell is a PC manufacture it appears that he seemed to mean that the wireless capabilities are in a PC based VR headset.

Mr Quinn also added, We believe there’s other ways to actually have modular compute capabilities that aren’t on the headset but allows that flexibility to be untethered from your platform whether it’s a mobile work station, a desktop, a gaming box or whatever.”

However, Mr Quinn didn’t provide much more detail about Dell’s wireless future. Will it be a fully wireless VR headset? Or just an add-on device?

Dell hasn’t been the only company who has agreed that future virtual reality technology will need a wireless system. There have been some companies who have also announced their wireless solutions lately, it was only recently that HTC announced TPCAST for wireless Vive solution.

Will 2017 really be an exciting year for virtual reality?