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Advertising Association is a trade association representing advertisers, agencies, media, and research services in the UK advertising industry. The organisation brings together agencies, brands, and media to combine strengths and seek consensus on the issues that affect them.


Advertising Association



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How we helped

ServerLink has helped Advertising Association with taking over their end-user support and infrastructure support. Advertising Association has made good use of Microsoft licensing options by migrating their on-premise file storage to SharePoint, making it easier for the employees to access their files from anywhere, improving collaboration, performance, and security solutions in Microsoft 365.

What we did

The first building move consisted of ServerLink providing, moving, and installing all the Essential Office Equipment required, as well as setting up Hotdesk. This allows Advertising Association to house more people in the same space compared to a traditional office setup. ServerLink ensured that moving Advertising Association from an office-based organisation to being fully agile led to improving the efficiency of the business cost-effectively.

Next, moving Advertising Association to a second building involved establishing a booking system application. This solution enables them to book their meeting rooms and make use of hot desks. Subsequently, ServerLink helped with setting up Essential Office Equipment along with designing and implementing a new computer network infrastructure for their new building via Unify.

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ServerLink provides continuous support, scheduled visits, and maintenance to all users who work both on-site and remote.


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