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Ocean Technologies Group is a global learning and operational technologies company, with over 1,400 customers, 20,000 ships, and over 1,000.000 seafarers along with the biggest data on learning and development behavior in maritime history. Customers meeting the challenges of shipping in the digital age have looked to Ocean Technologies Group to help the most successful ship operators achieve the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.

Videotel has been the training provider of choice to many of the world’s leading ship owners and managers for over 40 years. Videotel has worked in close collaboration with customers and industry stakeholders. This has allowed them to create hundreds of award-winning training titles, and as such, effective training management software solutions, that have been a cornerstone of the training and continuing professional development strategy of thousands of vessels worldwide and maritime colleges.


Ocean Technologies Group



How we helped

With Our approach to delivering successful digital transformation projects, ServerLink were selected by Videotel as a long-term partner to implement a Digital Workplace and guide the integration and transformation of its IT Systems and office relocations.

Our team worked in partnership with Videotel to develop a business case outlining the solutions, timelines, costs, and long-term benefits of the proposed projects.

ServerLink worked alongside Videotel, to plan the steps required for the decommission of their building and arrange the new fit-out to make sure it’s easily accessible, and that it’s suitable for the number of employees coming to the new place. Our team has been 100% involved in moving and providing all the Essential Office Equipment such as PCs, cabinets, and laptops, designing the layout of their new building, as well as setting up meeting rooms with appropriate audio-visual equipment and Hot Desk implementation. ServerLink assisted with Office 365 implementation migration, with a focus on scalable business growth.

A server room was built and server configuration took place for running computer networking, with appropriately structured cabling, which has been established by our team to protect and secure computer equipment. The new building set up was finished with a new phone system implementation – NFON, allowing multiple devices to integrate, including Voice Over IP and desk phones, allowing the users to communicate wherever they are. In addition, our team at Serverlink merged Videotel to unify the additional part of the group into Office 365 migration.

What we did

All the Videotel users are under continuous proactive support, maintenance, and monitoring of future-proofing. Managing all users 24×7 and receiving a reliable, single point of contact. Another project completed by the Serverlink Team was the office relocation which took place over a single weekend, ensuring that the employees could benefit from the new environment without the risk of downtime during business hours.

Due to a corporate sell-off, one of Videotel’s UK offices has benefited from a satellite office setup meaning they could continue to work in their workspace without being affected by another company within the building. Which allowed them to have their own network, this was also set up and configured. New office equipment was also supplied ranging from servers to laptops, to help assist their accounts department all provided from Serverlink.
As part of the Ocean Technologies Group, ServerLink merged to bring together 5+ companies into one new group through Office 365 migrations.

ServerLink provides continuous support, scheduled visits, and maintenance to all users who work both on-site and remote.


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