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Who are Microsoft?

Microsoft was founded in 1975 and has since then become the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions to help people as well as businesses to find their full potential.

What is Microsoft Windows Server 2016?

Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-reading Operating System which will be seen to support your current workloads while introducing you to new technologies which should make it easy to transition to the cloud computing when you are ready. It would look to help deliver powerful new layers of security along with azure-inspired innovation for the applications and the infrastructures that powers your business.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services such as; analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web, so you can move faster, acheive more and can save you money.

Professional Services Offered

  • Business Analytics – Microsoft Services can help you find the insights to all your data which can help you grow your business and also to be competitive. Microsoft will help to make it easier and faster to collect as well as prepare your business data, so that you can get it to people who need it.
  • Cloud Productivity – To achieve business goals by empowering a connected and collaborative workforce which is productive from anywhere across a variety of devices.
  • Datacentre Services – All businesses are relying on technology to stay productive, to engage with customers in new ways and completely effectively. As the technology trends drive in demands for new applications and resources, Microsoft Services can also help transform your datacentre to enable your businesses growth through innovation.
  • Digital Advisory Services – The Digital Advisory Services program can provide advisory services for customers to help them to realise the full potential of their Microsoft investment in mobile-first, cloud-first world. Microsoft can help you to find and create business advantages as well as making work more productive.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions – Microsoft Services brings end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions which allow businesses to be more connected, more productive as well as more informed on the users devices of choice while maintaining enterprise-grade security.
  • Modern Applications –  Microsoft Services can help enterprise customers to drive business innovation through development of modern applications and also modernising legacy applications leveraging IT paradigms which includes cloud, social, big data and mobility.
  • Premier Support Services – The Premier Support Services, will deliver a managed customer experience, proactive advisory services and rapid response to unplanned events, helping you to accelerate the value of your businesses cloud and on-premises enterprise the technology services.
  • Security and Identity – Being able to protect business and IT assets is more critical than ever. Microsoft Services embraces the constant change in the IT landscape and through their integrated technology services approach, they can help protect your business against increasingly sophisticated threats.
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