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  • Innovation

    • We create technology with a purpose to make life better for everyone, everywhere.
  • Sustainability

    • We continually develop, implement as well as scale programs and social investments that transform how people work and live.
    • We bring access to quality education and employment opportunities to those who need it most and where they need it most.

Who are HP Inc?

HP Inc develops and provides hardware for devices such as personal computers and printers. HP Inc vision is to create technology which makes life better for everyone, everywhere, for every person, every organisation and every community around the world.

What is the HP Elite x3?

HP Elite x3 is the world’s first 3-in-1 handheld device which has been built for business, that combines the power and productivity of a PC, the capabilities of a premium smartphone and the portability of a tablet. This is one device which covers it all. It is an evolution in the world of mobile computing to address an evolution in the workplace.

HP Z VR Backpack
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Hp Elite x3