Dell PowerEdge Servers

What are Dell PowerEdge Servers?

Dell PowerEdge servers are their most advanced server line-up to date. From racks, towers and server infrastructure platforms to simplified management, the next generation of the PowerEdge servers is set to accelerate the workloads and unburden IT with the peak performance, the versatile configurations and intelligent, embedded management.

Dell PowerEdge Server Solutions
  • Innovation

    Achieve more, maximise efficiency, and ensure business continuity with Dell PowerEdge servers, the foundation for adaptive IT solutions

  • Achieve more

    Increase application performance and availability while gaining scalability.  PowerEdge servers are customer inspired and purpose built.

  • Ensure continuity

    Provide secure, continual access to IT services that power your business and provide business continuity

  • Maximise efficiency

    Engineered to handle the most demanding business applications.

PowerEdge servers Engineered by Dell, designed by you

PowerEdge servers are customer inspired and purpose built. We spend countless hours listening to customers and then put our time and expertise into giving you the features you need to accomplish more, improve efficiency, and ensure business continuity. Our latest generation of PowerEdge servers deliver innovations like:

  • Express Flash PCIe solid-state drives—offer more transactions per second, resulting in faster interactions
  • Agent-free server management—uses the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, providing significant reductions in administration time
  • The Dell fresh air program—allows servers to run at much higher ambient temperatures, saving tremendous operational costs
  • More widely integrated GPU technology—provides accelerated HPC research with high sustained GFlops

Dell’s latest generation of servers responds to customer needs in the following areas:

  • Memory capacity and scalability—much larger memory footprints
  • Virtualization performance—more processor cores and denser memory
  • Systems management—complete lifecycle management using iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller and monitoring and update capabilities with OpenManage Essentials • Energy efficiency—comprehensive optimizations, including Dell OpenManage™ Power Center
  • Reliability—even more RAS features, including a failsafe hypervisor option on most servers Dell PowerEdge servers deliver value by taking technology that was previously overpriced, complex and underutilized, and giving you the power to do more while saving time, money and resources.
Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell PowerEdge Servers

  • Workload focus, accelerated performance – The line up is more than just servers; they deliver server solutions which can accelerate your businesses specific work loads and also your business overall.
  • Innovative, flexible 4-socket designs – To deliver power, flexibility and scalability to maximise the application performance with Dell’s complete portfolio of the four-socket servers. The R830 rack server, with the Intel Xeon processor ES-4600 v4 architecture, which is the latest addition, offering the ideal balance of the 4S performance and cost-effectiveness in a standard 2U chassis.
  • State-of-the-art management any time, anywhere – The OpenManage solutions offer an industry-leading automation and simplified management to free your companies IT staff from repetitive processes, so that they can focus on more strategic efforts. Along side this the next-generation PowerEdge servers with OpenManage tools deliver unprecedented access, automation and flexibility.
  • Versatile platforms and infrastructures – Get the flexibility you will need to tackle any business workload. The modular design will let you tailor a wide range of the options, according to your businesses needs and schedules.

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