Smart Wireless Charging

The way people charge their Smartphones has changed. Wireless charging provides convenient power, removing the need for a multitude of cables and power adapters. All of the leading smartphones now have wireless charging built-in, from Apple to Samsung, from Google to Huawei. Today’s always-connected consumers and their power-hungry smartphones require convenient ways to stay powered up. By providing simple ways to “snack on power,” consumers stay connected which makes them happy, free from battery anxiety.

  • Commercial grade hardware

    Reliable, fast, high quality wireless chargers

  • Smart IOT Cloud Management Platform

    Takes care of mass deployed wireless power for maximum up time

  • Powerful Analytics

    Provides in depth user insights to boost workplace usage understanding and employee satisfaction

  • Real time alerts

    Detects and resolves issues over the air to optimise reliability and reduce costs

Wireless charging for the digital workplace

Smart wireless charging provides a valuable service and frees customers from battery anxiety and cumbersome wires. This not only attracts customer but can mean they stay longer, increasing the opportunity for more revenue and customer engagement.

Smart wireless charging means deploying and managing at scale becomes easy. Chargifi SmartSpots can be seamlessly integrated into their environment – either branded or given a minimal look and feel – the choice is yours.

Modernise your workplace to create a better experience

Forget cables. Chargifi SmartSpots keep your desks, meeting rooms, and breakout areas uncluttered to help business continue seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring employees are always powered up and connected wherever they are working.

All SmartSpots are installed and managed by expert partners and integrate into the environment both beautifully and seamlessly.

Gather useful insights on behavioral data, such as space or meeting room utilisation, with real-time hyper-location, space occupancy, and dwell time in a simple dashboard. This allows you to better understand your employees and how your workspace is being used.

Chargifi Manage enables real-time monitoring and remote management of SmartSpots, giving you peace of mind, lower maintenance costs, and maximum uptime.

Boost employee productivity with smart wireless power

With the rise of co-working spaces, today’s office design is blurring the line between having a designated desk per employee and an open floor plan with a hot-desking system. With this comes the expectation that things are connected – that everything just works.

Using Chargifi SmartSpots as a trigger for other IoT devices and software platforms, you can integrate, via Chargifi Connect, into the internal company apps, video conferencing systems, or room booking systems to create a smart working environment.

Whether choosing Chargifi SmartSpots or Connect, most customers prefer the option of a managed service. Provided by one of our trained service partners in your region, Chargifi Manage gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your wireless charging facilities are being monitored in real-time by an expert. As a trusted partner contact ServerLink to find out more about a Chargifi installation today.