Why ServerLink?

They say you don’t know what you’re missing until you try something new. Since 2008 ServerLink has become the IT Re-seller of choice to many successful companies. We’re good at what we do – servers, storage and networking; we love our work; and we’re really easy to work with.

Quality and reliability

We understand you’ll need to weigh up the risks/rewards when choosing to work with a new supplier. We are proud to say that ServerLink prices are competitive and our returns rate is less than 0.02%. That’s why ALL our products come with a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.


When you need new or replacement equipment you rely on your supplier to be there to help with extensive product knowledge. Not just what’s the best seller today, but what will work best in your environment – both from a technical and a budgetary point of view, and even if it’s older kit. At ServerLink we like to get to know our clients over time so we can respond to your requirements with the minimum of fuss. You can rely on us to manage the details while you get on with what you really should be doing.