HPE CEO: Whitman steps aside for Neri

As of the 1st February, Meg Whitman’s tenure has finally come to an end, after sitting in the CEO chair at HPE for the past six years and now it is all about to start for Antonio Neri.

Antonio Neri, the new president and CEO of HPE has more than two decades of history with the company. Back in November Neri was promoted to CEO when Whitman announced that she will be stepping down.

Currently at the time of the announcement Neri was a recently appointed president of HPE, a role he had only held for nine months. Neri, first joined HP in 1995 where he started off as an EMEA customer service engineer.

Neri is aware that as a company, HPE cannot afford to rest on its fame and achievements as they strive to put more roots in the ground.

Since HP first split into two companies, just a little over two years this disruption has been in HPE rear-view mirror and Neri has said all of the HPE employees must be strivers and not just simply survivors.

Whitman will stay on the board at HPE, however she recently signed on to be the CEO at NewTV, a mobile-media start-up which is backed by the co-founder of DreamWorks, Jeffery Katzenberg.

Neri and Whitman

Ultimately, the HP company which Meg Whitman joined as CEO back in 2011 is noticeably different to the company she is leaving. This is due to Whitman leading the company through one of most significant split of a leading technology vendor. So, what is next for HPE and Antonio Neri?