Consider the state of your UPS

Schools from all over the country are getting onto the technology bandwagon, as they are starting to bring into classrooms tablets and even Chromebooks, which are being incorporated into the lesson plans.

Chromebooks and tablets are often being used to access the online resources which includes Google Docs and many of resources that educators have started to rely on as much as the textbooks.

Due to the expansion of devices in schools, the leadership team and IT support team will need to take a look at the current wireless infrastructure to consider an increase in the bandwidth.

As the current infrastructure can only handle one or two devices which is for the teachers in the classroom, however it will not be able to handle the amount of traffic due to be generated from an entire classroom of students who are also armed with an iPad or Chromebook.


When you upgrade the switches or router to support the wireless infrastructure, remember to check to see whether they are connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPS will be able to provide a backup power which enables the devices to stay connected even through a power cut. It is also important to provide clean power, take care of any power surges, jitters and many others which can also damage any sensitive IT equipment.

These types of inconsistencies are not completely uncommon in a large building such as a school. For example, if a school has an air conditioning which whenever it kicks on this is likely to cause a relatively dramatic power fluctuation. UPS are used to make sure that switches and routers are protected as well as available.

“How old are your UPSs?”

Typically, UPS is designed to last about 10years or more although this depends on factors for example; how often will it need to go on the battery and what environment is it housed in. Nearly all manufactures recommend replacing the battery during the lifecycle of the UPS at least once.

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Plenty of UPS now have lights which will indicate the health of the battery, this includes a “replace battery” light. Like many devices, there is a common problem with the UPS and other types of IT equipment in schools this is due to the location, as it may not be in an area where nobody looks at it so remember to make a point to do so.

A few of the network UPS will come with a management software which allows users to monitor their UPS health remotely.

However, if it has been a while since the battery has been replaced or the UPS hasn’t been replaced during the latest upgrade of technology then it will be best to consider a new one. All the newer UPS models will typically offer more power which in terms of watts per volt-amp, and also will be more energy efficient.

Switches and routers will not drain a lot of power, so as a school selecting a correctly sized UPS will help keep the students engaged and also connected through a power outage of half hour to an hour. Typically, it is enough to travel through the outage.

Finally, a UPS will protect any investment into networking gear as well as keeping it safe from interruptions, surges and any other potentially damaging electrical events.