Nimble Storage acquired by HPE

On the 7th March, Nimble Storage signed an agreement to be acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (otherwise known as HPE) for approximately just over $1 billion. This agreement will see the acceleration of the global adoption of Nimble Storage’s innovative Predictive Analytics and also the leading next-generation flash storage platform.

Nimble Storage and HPE
  • Predictive AnalyticsNimble Storage are excited about extending the power of InfoSight beyond their product line, to span the entire storage portfolio of the combined company.
  • Global distribution reachWith the help of HPE’s massive scale and global distribution, Nimble Storage will see an opportunity to increase their customer base by an order of magnitude within a few years. Nimble Storage’s enterprise business has outpaced their overall growth last year, which was driven by the superior value proposition of their platform. Also with the help of HPE’s large enterprise relationships, they anticipate further acceleration in this segment.
  • Continued storage innovation – Nimble Storage have an exciting roadmap which goes well beyond flash arrays and have recently announced Nimble Cloud Volumes. The ability to invest behind that roadmap will be significantly strengthened by HPE’s scale and financial strength.
  • Continued commitment to customer supportNimble Storage’s reputation for support has been key to their success, and the combined company will remain committed to that support experience.

HPE already offers high-end 3PAR systems alongside a mid-range MSA flash storage. Also in this market, HPE competes against long-term rival EMC (who are now part of Dell Technologies), IBM and NetApp, as well as Pure Storage and Kaminario who are start-up companies.

What is Flash Storage?

Flash Storage uses a very fast solid-state drive compared to the slower magnetic “spinning disks” and also the still slower tape drives to preserve any corporate data, which has been gaining ground however it still remains pricier than other choices.

Finally, storage still remains as clear a key category for HPE after taking a stock hit since disclosing a lower-than expected sales in the last quarter for storage and servers. Hopefully, Nimble Storage’s entry to mid-range flash based products will help HPE to support their customers across all segments.