Ten Features you will love for Windows 10 creators update

The original Windows 10 was first released on the 29th July 2015, a year later after the free download had come to an end Microsoft then released the Windows 10 Anniversary update on the 2nd August 2016. Even after all this Microsoft have scheduled the next big Windows 10 update, the Creators update which is due to be released around April 2017. However, back in October 2016, Microsoft had announced a whole range of new features for the Creators Update.

Here is just ten of the features to look forward to:

3D content

3D Content

3D content has been a focus for Microsoft as they wanted Windows 10 to have a greater focus on 3D content which includes Paint and PowerPoint. Users will be able to create 3D shapes in Paint and then share them directly with their social media followers or those who are on the SketchUp network. Even better still, users can print them directly on 3D printers.

Blue light reduction

Blue light reductionThere is a feature on Android, iOS and Amazon mobile operating systems which can reduce the blue light at night, so this isn’t surprising that Microsoft is planning on adding the long overdue feature to Windows. The core reason behind reducing the blue light at night is that it maybe more beneficial to the users circadian rhythm.

Built-in broadcasting

With the Creators update, users will be able to set up a live stream through Beam. As well as this the users, will be able to interact with other users easily and they will also be able to arrange tournaments with others. Microsoft are hoping that users will find it as painless as possible to create and access streams and users will find they will be able to use different features to let broadcasters interact with the viewers.

Pin people to the taskbar

Pin people to the taskbar

Pinning people to the taskbar may seem trivial to some users, whereas it might be extremely useful for others. Now that users have the option to pin ‘people’ to their taskbar, which enables the user to quickly drag and drop particular files to the contacts by taking the file to taskbar!



The ability to be able to buy and read eBooks is coming soon to Windows. Microsoft will add eBooks alongside apps, games, music, movies and TV sections that are already available in the Windows store. Users will actually be reading the books through the Windows 10 Edge browser, which is also picking up a dedicated book section and the ability to read the ebook formats for example ePUB. Also bookmarks, different font sizes and also Cortana-assisted word lookups are supported as well.

App throttling

App throttling

The upcoming Insider Preview Build 15002 will be adding a dozen of new features, one of which that is interesting is app throttling control. However, it is not available to many users at the moment but it will give priority to the particular apps in focus and will also deprioritises any background apps that is using too much of the computers resources.

Game Mode

It also appears that Game Mode completes a similar thing: priorities the game that’s running and devote as much processing time, RAM and other resources to making it run as fast as it can. There are also other updates for gamers which includes built-in Beam streaming. Microsoft’s alternative to Twitch is Beam, and there will be the option to be added to the existing game bar, which you can pull up in Windows 10 when running a game by pressing Windows-G. As well as all this there will be a gaming section in the Settings app which will consolidate all the game-related Windows settings.

Pause updates

Pause updatesFor users, there is the new ability to pause updates, so not just until you are not using the PC or laptop, but users can pause the updates up to 35 days (however, this is still currently unavailable for the Home version). Many users may find this new feature as important whether they are gamers who are streaming live or businesses, all who cannot afford to to be interrupted by a scheduled Windows update.

Security Centre

There is also a brand-new Security Centre which will basically bring a lot of the Windows security features together to make them accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard. Similar to the internet security suite, it presents several icons for different types of security and then marks them with a green tick if that area is OK. If they are not, you’ll see a warning that an action is required. They have said it will play nice with third-party antivirus. This means that Microsoft isn’t forcing users to use Windows Defender.