Calendar Component for Mobile Apps

Scheduling made simple

You can easily add a powerful drag and drop scheduling to your cross platform mobile, desktop and web apps. For many of the data driven applications, especially those for service based businesses which require scheduling tools so that they can graphically display and select dates on a calendar.

These tools can be implemented ranging from booking online appointments or synchronising schedules. With the help of Alpha Anywhere Calendar Component, you can build sophisticated scheduling operations and customising their appearance is reduced to a five to ten minute tasks rather than weeks or months task which it might take with other tools.

Alpha Anywhere Calendar Component is a simple but powerful component which can give you an events calendar which you can view in eight different ways, includes a drag and drop interface, it’s easy to bind to your SQL or DBF database and simple integrate with other Alpha Anywhere components. Being built upon an easy to use calendar interface, the calendar component can guarantee a flawless user experience.

Calendar Apps: Calendar Control

As the Calendar Component, will make it more simple to build a complete scheduling system, including its own database table, customised appearance, built in drag and drop of appointments and more. Alpha Anywhere Calendar Control will let you get and set values, submit the values and handle any events.

The Calendar Control can also be used as a date picker (including start and end date picker) as well it can be used to display events in an easy to modify calendar UI. You will also have direct access to a selection of both server side and client side events to design a sophisticated, fully customisable functionality.

Finally, within the Calendar Control you are able to customise the HTML which is shown for each date in the calendar, which makes it easy to display events complete with JavaScript, hyperlinks and much more.