Five top tips for keeping mobile apps safe

Many companies that are building and using mobile applications need to make sure that the security of their applications is a priority. However, you will be surprised on how often the most basic application security steps are not taken. The most insecure applications not only do they pose as a risk for businesses, but also you risk losing your businesses customers.

As a business, if you keep in mind these five top tips from Modern Mobility, you will be able to make sure that your applications are as secure as possible.

Mobile app security
  • Make sure users have passwords

    If you are using a business-facing app, you will need to make sure that passwords are required to use it. However, if a password isn’t required, then it will be easy for anyone to access the sensitive corporate data, if someone other than employees get their hands on the app.

  • Add limitations to an apps data access permissions

    When someone installs an app, they might be asked for permission for the app to have access particular information from the user’s data for example contacts, messages and many more. If as a company, you have decided to design an app you need to make sure that you only ask for access to the data that is required for the app to work, otherwise you could potentially lose customers if they feel the app is requiring access to much sensitive data. This could also lead to sensitive data being leaked.

  • Do not allow sideloading

    A sideloaded app can be downloaded and installed outside of the devices main app stored. This means that the sideloaded apps do not go through any of the normal security checks which are used by the stores. Company users should be banned from using sideloaded apps by IT. As well as this IT, should make sure their own apps are not sideloaded otherwise it can be affected by hackers and the company would be to blame if the hacked app affects consumers.

  • Check the iOS vulnerabilities

    Android operating systems is much more likely to be influenced to malware compared to iOS, so many businesses are focusing more of their mobile security efforts on Android. Although you may find that iOS can be infected as well. So as a business you need to pay equal amount attention to measures to secure iOS applications.

  • Keep mobile operating systems up to date

    Mobile operating systems like for example iOS or Android is always updated, which comes with a host of new security patches and features. All companies should ensure that all their mobile devices are kept up to date.