HP Z2 Mini Workstation

HP Z2 Mini Workstation is completely what the name tells you as it is a tiny workstation which looks like a thin client more than a full-fledged workstation. Although, make no mistake that despite the small size, Z2 mini is still completely packed with everything that most creative and design professionals need. Inside the Z2 case you will find an NVIDIA Quadro M620-class GPU and a HP Z turbo PCIe SSD.

However, for those who need more local storage, then there is also a standard 2.5″ SATA bay which can house a hard drive or potentially a second SSD if it is required. As well as this, those who require visual performance, the Z2 can drive up to six displays.

Major businesses needs are clearly addressed by Z2 mini, which means it can deliver a high-end computing experience in some space-constrained environments. If you take collaborative work spaces for example at 10% of the size of an original HP desktop, the Z2 mini will be a lot more welcome. With all this in mind, HP have invested massively in the acoustics to make sure that when under a load, the Z2 will be able to keep to itself.

To help increase the flexibility in mounting, HP will be offering a VESA sleeve mount which means the Z2 can be positioned under a desk or even behind the monitor, to free up desk space.

Design and Build

With two fans and heat sinks ensure that the HP Z2 mini will be quiet even under a heavy load. Even saying that that the Z2 mini has a handful of connectivity is putting it rather basic as it has even more ports then some of the full-sized desktops.

If you look at the rear of the device this is where you will find the majority of connectivity. On the rear of the device you will be able to see; two USB 3.0 ports, four display ports, RJ45 LAN port, the DC power input, two USB-C ports and a legacy serial port. Along side all these ports you will also be able to find a security slot, the cover latch and an HDD LED status light.

There is no need to breakout the screwdriver as the cover comes off easily. Just underneath the cover there are two fans and a 2.5″ HDD. Although you might think that the hard drive might seem a little dated , HP have included it purely for additional storage capacity. HP Z Turbo PCIe SSD is the main boot drive. You can fold down the two larger fans to get access to the DRAM, again you will require no tools.

Z2 Mini comes with multiple mounting options. As it is small you can place it easily on a desk, however if the desk is already full you can use the mini just as easily without taking up any space. The Z2 can easily be attached to the on to the monitor stands. However, if a user uses display arms instead of a monitor stand, the z2 mini rubber feet can be removed and it can be attached between the display arm and the monitor.

Users can also add the security sleeve to enable them to mount the mini under the desk. This sleeve allows for a padlock loop so there is one level of protection as well as this the sleeve can be used to block the side USB ports to keep others from popping in a USB drive and either removing or adding a file to the mini.

Here are just some Pros and Cons about Z2 Mini Workstation:

  • Pros
  • 1) Small footprint with multiple creative mounting options
    2) Affordable Pricing, even when fully decked out
    3) Outperformed larger workstations on some benchmarks
  • Cons
  • 1) Only one dedicated graphics card option

Overall, the HP Z2 Mini will solve all the issues getting power into a workstation without taking up to much space on a desk or in the ever-shrinking cubicles. There is no sacrificing performance for the size, the Z2 Mini is packed with two drives; PCIe SSD and an added 2.5″ drive either HDD or SSD, up to 32GB of RAM and NVIDIA Quadro M620-class GPU. The Mini is capable of supporting up to six displays, which is perfect if you work in a financial industry.  Alongside all of this the Z2 has a small footprint and it also comes with multiple mounting options which can include under the desk, off the back of the monitor stand and interestingly on the display arms in between the arm and the back of the monitor.

Users will find that the Z2 Mini is very impressive in both performance and design. This system has everything needed to complete most tasks, even those tasks which are GPU-intensive, while also managing to make very few sacrifices. There have been many cases where larger desktops will need extension slots, more aggressive GPUs and much more, however these particular cases are decreasing. HP have successfully convinced users that the majority of PC CAD/design which uses cases can be transitioned into the Z2 mini workstation. This is by far the most interesting workstation in terms of uniqueness and feature sets.

Finally, the Hp Z2 mini is a small workstation which can not only keep up with the big dogs but can also pass them.