Mobile Facts to know in 2017

Mobile facts

It’s time to start making plans for rapid mobile application development. To help you make sure that you have the right development and marketing strategy, here are six mobile facts which you need to know:

  • People spend 89% on mobile apps and 11% on websites

    This means that people will spend more time on a well-designed app and its consuming media. So, don’t cut back on the UI design.

  • 61% of people won’t access a mobile website they have had problems with before

    As well as this 40% will visit a competitor instead. This means not only as a business need to consider adjusting the design but also consider completing user testing to find out where problems you might have missed on the mobile site.

  • 83% of B2B marketers believe mobile apps are important

    They believe that mobile apps important for content marketing. This means that as a business, you shouldn’t just consider mobile apps as productivity-enhancers or as retail apps, but consider them as powerful marketing tools.

  • 40% of the mobile searches are about something locally

    According to the Google Mobile Moments study. Even if you are a small business you will need a mobile strategy and a website which displays well on mobile devices.

  • 68% of businesses uses mobile in their overall marketing strategies

    If as a business are not already doing so, start to use mobile for marketing otherwise you might get left behind. If your business is already using mobile for marketing, you may need to have another look at your efforts so far.

  • 83% of mobile users find it important to have seamless experience across all mobile devices

    As a business you need to build your app for all important mobile platforms which also includes the web. The app design needs to look and work the same on every mobile platform.

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