HPE are set to raise UK prices again

At the start of December, HPE could be ready to raise their UK prices again following the latest descent in the value of the pound. Multiple partners have heard that the prices might be rising on the 1st December 2016, although there has not been any formal communication been issued as of yet.

HPE building

Since the Brexit vote, the value of the pound has fallen several times. At the end of October, the £1 was worth $1.22, a 17.4% decrease in total since June.

Michael Cornford from Data Driven Systems has said the news of the possible HPE price increase “doesn’t surprise him”, since HPE raised their prices so soon after Brexit that they had “got their timing wrong and the pricing wrong”.

HPE have said “HPE, like any other international company, adjusts prices based on exchanges rates and currency fluctuations. After careful consideration of the business impact of a strong dollar against the pound sterling, we may decide to make adjustments to our pricing.”

Although HPE isn’t the only vendor which has implemented a UK price rise shortly after the Brexit vote. Dell had raised prices across the portfolio by 8% or 9% in July. As well as Lenovo raised its UK prices by 10% on 1st August, and Asus has told their customers to expect retail prices to rise by around 9% in October.

Apple has also recently announced that their prices are rising 20% for their UK customers. Finally, Microsoft have also announced an increase to its prices for their enterprise cloud services by 22% and their on-premise enterprise software by 13%, although this is due to come into force on 1st January 2017.