Creators update for Windows 10

Microsoft has promised that the update will include a mixture of reality and 4K gaming, which should be available in the second quarter of next year. You get 3D! Everyone gets 3D!

For Windows 10, there is soon to be a free update coming in the first half of 2017. The update will bring 3D added to reality features to Microsoft’s Operating System as well as the 4K video game streaming.

Microsoft which announcement the ‘Creators Update’ at the New York event recently. They have said “The update would include creativity tools including a 3D-enabled version of venerable graphics program point that will, let you ‘print’ directly to Facebook”.

Also, Microsoft says “It will add 3D creation features to many of its applications, including PowerPoint and Paint”

Even though the 3D renders can be viewed onscreen, Microsoft have explained that they will also be able to be viewed as 3D holograms on their HoloLens headset.

Microsoft has explained that companies including Lenovo and Dell are said to be creating the 3D accessories, which would let you experience and produce 3D content.

During the event, they also detailed the ability for HoloLens to use Microsoft Edges browser as a build-up or mixed reality experience. Creators update was also designed with e-sports in mind which by integrated a game broadcasting service called Beam. This will let gamers broadcast to their friends or the internet through using a webcam overlay on their gameplay as well as let viewers make suggestions in real time.

Finally, the update will also include messaging from various apps to your desktop. As a user, you will be able to view messages from Skype, SMS, Email and Xbox Live through onscreen notifications and we can reply in a app of our choice.