Microsoft Surface Studio

Last years, Surface Pro 4 was Microsoft’s version of a tablet which could replace your laptop has finally come together. Now Microsoft are setting their sights on Desktops. The Surface Studio was unveiled recently in New York; it is a desktop PC which is mainly aimed at artists and designers who are in need of a high-end and pixel-perfect display.

Being just 13mm thick, Microsoft has been called the Surface Studio’s 3:2 ratio display the thinnest LCD computer monitor ever built. It boasts 13.5million pixels on the 28inch touchscreen compared to the 4k screens 8.3million pixels.

The monitor with “zero-gravity hinge” is designed to fold down to a 20-degree angle on your desk, which looks similar to a drafting table. It is also optimised to take full advantage of the new “creators update” to Windows 10 which is among other features for example a new 3D update for Microsoft paint, this is due for release in the second quarter of next year.

Other features on the display also includes “TrueScale” which is aimed at offering the designers a real-size, “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” shows the designers a view of their images and designs.

Tabletop creation stations have been seen before, although Microsoft are hoping to set the surface studio apart from all the rest with a kinetic accessory called the Surface Dial. The touch-friendly dial is like a magic metallic hockey puck which is designed to sit alongside your keyboard for fine contextual controls in whatever program that you are using. The Surface Dial can even be placed on the screen to create your own rotary selector dial.

Unfortunately, the Surface Dial is sold separately. In addition to the Surface Studio the dial will also work with the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4.

surface studio dial

Key features and Specification of the Surface Studio

  • Specification
  •  6th generation Intel i5/i7 Core Processor
     4GB Nvidia GeForce GPU
     Up to 32GB
     2TB Hard Drive
     Single Dedication Power Cable
     Four USB 3.0 Jacks
     SD Card Slot
     Mini display Port
     Ethernet Port
  • Key Features
  •  Zero-gravity Hinge
     Folding-down action
     Surface Dial
     Surface Pen

Any Pre-orders that are for delivery by the end of the year has started in the USA, and Microsoft have said that quantities are limited. So far the details have not been announced for UK and Australia.