Alpha DevCon Winners 2016

Alpha DevCon 2016 was set to be the biggest and the most exciting conference yet!

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During the week of Alpha DevCon 2016, the engineering team at Alpha Software had been recognising some of the most innovative business apps that customers have been developing with the Alpha Anywhere rapid mobile application development platform. Between May and August, developers from all over the world and in a variety of different industries had submitted business apps that had leveraged some of the newest features in Alpha Anywhere which include:

The submissions came from a range of different industries and functional areas. Some examples of the submissions included:

  • Field Scheduling Apps
  • Location-aware Apps
  • Complex Apps that replace paper inspection forms

After a careful review of all the Apps which were submitted, the engineer team at Alpha Software had selected the winners from the weeks Alpha DevCon 2016 event:

First Place – Wine App

Michael Cornford from Data Driven Systems

Wine App provides quick access to a large database of wines while seeking to minimize the amount of effort to find a specific wine. Michael’s client wanted to find any wine in their collection of over 32,000 bottles of wine – including 6,500 unique wine types – in 3 clicks or less. Using a combination of several search styles and visual styling to indicate complex information such as wine quality, Wine App offers a simple interface that solves a complex problem. Several Alpha Anywhere features were utilized, including mapping, offline access, and Alpha Anywhere’s new mobile forms.

Second Place - Liquid Environmental Solutions – Used Cooking Oil

Carl Pearson from DalSoftLab

WalMart generates significant quantities of used cooking oil in its daily operations. This oil is stored in tanks on-site. If the tanks become filled, the business can only operate for a limited amount of time before they must cease food preparation. The Liquid Environmental Solutions – Used Cooking Oil app enables WalMart to track the status of used cooking oil tanks at its various locations, alerting them to issues as they arise. The app has been deployed as a tablet application, replacing a multi-part paper form process. The app is in use on over 135 tablets to service approximately 8,000 pickup locations. Alpha Anywhere enabled Carl to build this app in 3 months with limited experience with Alpha upon approval of the project. It employs offline access, data integration, security, and Alpha Anywhere’s new mobile forms capabilities.

Third Place – Trip Builder

Simon Cornford from PSDC Ltd (ServerLink)

Trip Builder is an app that lets you build a schedule to optimize business trips when visiting clients. The app includes features such as geography search within an area, such as in a city, to generate a list of clients that are in the location you will be visiting. It includes a mobile interface that allows you to lookup nearby clients if free time is suddenly available, such as when a client cancels a meeting. Trip Builder takes advantage of Alpha Anywhere’s built-in security and mapping features as well as offline capabilities.

Many congratulations to all those developers who participated in the Innovative App Contest. Big congratulations to our very own Simon Cornford for coming third place with Trip Builder App.

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