Data Integration with Database Sources and SQL

For every business application, data integration is at the heart and having robust, secure data storage is essential. Depending on whether your users are processing sales orders from the field, updating critical business information on the local server or even uploading geocoded images from a tablet, Alpha Anywhere will ensure that your data connection is lightening fast for any device.

Make sure that you store your data in a format which is highly compatible. Alpha Anywhere boasts its own built-in database engine, will also integrate native drivers for all virtually major databases back-ends this includes Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Excel, Oracle, DB2, My SQL and many more. By using Alpha Anywhere’s simple, intuitive builder, you will be up and running with your connection string in a matter of minutes no matter what data scheme you are using.

Use the Server-side language of your choice

The Alpha Anywhere web components can simplify working with SQL databases. You will be able to use the built-in SQL Genie which will automatically generate all of the code for the CRUD operations or you will be able to edit the SQL statement directly.

Alpha Anywhere will give you access to the server-side code at different various levels, where you will be able to use the server-side language of your choice. The choices will include Alpha’s own Xbasic, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript or any .NET framework supported language.

Sophisticated Data Integration and Data Transformation

Easily connect to the external environments which includes DLLS, OLE/ActiveX, .NET and web services or even SQL database. By using Alpha Anywhere, you can:

  • Execute the standalone programs
  • Load the DLLS and execute functions
  • Load and execute the OLE/Active X components
  • Connect to the various databases using Alpha’s own DAO or with ADO or ADO.NET
  • Load and execute .NET assemblies what you or others have written
  • Connect to the TCP/IP sockets or even create a server
  • Access and execute the remote web services