Manufacturers Price increase

Over the last few months we have started to see several manufacturers making announcements regarding a price increase in the UK due to both Brexit and the falling value of the pound against the dollar.

manufactures who have announced price increase

To help you to keep up to date with what all the different price increases are and when they will come into effect, we have put together a quick and simple reference table below. As more information is released we will continue to update this article.

ManufacturersPrice IncreaseAffected ProductsEffective Date
Dell8% to 9%All Products1st July 2016
HP Inc 10%All Products1st August 2016
Apple VariousAll Products28th October 2016
Fujistu5%Storage1st November 2016
HP Enterprise6% to 12%All Products1st December 2016
Lenovo Up to 10%All Products1st December 2016
Microsoft13% – On-premise
22% – Enterprise Cloud Services
Enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/ EFTA region1st January 2017
VMware15%All Products1st January 2017

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